Snack of the Month: HONEY BUNCHIES Gourmet Candy Bar

Take a look at the newest member of the Arcade Snacks family, the Honey Bunchies Gourmet Candy Bar. We found these golden beauties on a trip to Colorado, and have been bitten by the Honey Bunchie Bee! These bars are truly one of a kind and deliciously addicting. On the inside there is a delicious honey caramel with pieces of peanuts and pecans. On the outside is a coating of  slightly salted sunflower seeds. These All Natural and Gluten Free Candy Bars are made with 42% REAL COLORADO HONEY, making this the perfect bar during a workout, a quick pick me up, or when you just need a good snack on the go! Click here to order via retail or call (508) 832-6300 to order via wholesale.

20 Bars per BoxHoney-Bunchies-Bar-400x172

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