Cashew Lover’s Tin


Cashews! Cashews! and more Cashews!

An assortment of our freshly roasted and salted Gourmet Jumbo Cashews, Hand Dipped Chocolate Cashews, and Butter Toffee Cashews – it is sure to be a favorite by cashew lovers everywhere! This tin is sectioned off in seven compartments for your snacking pleasure; three for our roasted & salted cashews, one with Milk Chocolate Dipped Cashews, one with Dark Chocolate Dipped Cashews, one with White Chocolate Dipped Cashews, and the Butter Toffee Cashews in the center.

14 ounces – Roasted & Salted Gourmet Jumbo Cashews
16 ounces – Hand Dipped Chocolate Jumbo Cashews
4 ounces – Butter Toffee Cashews

Design of tin will vary.

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