Boston Baked Beans

Order Boston Baked Beans from Arcade Snacks, a sweet hard candy coated shell with a peanut in the center. This sweet hard candy is an old time New England favorite. Pop one in your mouth and Boston Baked Beans will bring you back to a simpler time in life.
Arcade Snacks enjoys providing our customers with nostalgic candy and these beans are certainly one of them.

Not sure if you like Boston Baked Beans (or are a huge fan of them), try our Mother’s Mystery Mix.  This mix was originally blended together by, you guessed it, the owner’s mother! Created with love, this trail mix has been a favorite since the early 1990’s.

Available Wholesale at Arcade Snacks in 20 lb. cases and 8 lb. tubs

Curbside Pickup Now Available Learn More
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