Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bouquet Tray

Featuring MaJuka Fruit Trail Mix, Colossal Cashews, Pastel Cranberries, Pistachio Meats; this tray would satisfy everyone’s cravings. A wonderful business appreciation gift or for an intimate celebration.

MaJuKa Fruit Trail Mix  (6oz) has Thompson Raisins, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks, Walnuts, Cranberries, Cashew Halves, Slivered Almonds, Cherries.

Colossal Cashews (6oz) are our signature product, these Roasted Salted Colossal Cashews are so big and delicious you will keep coming back for more. We roast these cashews onsite for the freshest flavor possible.

Pastel Chocolate Cranberries (8oz) are tender dried cranberries drenched in premium dark chocolate and then coated with a layer of cranberry fruit flavored white chocolate. A perfectly tangy and sweet combination!

Pistachio Meats (6oz) are 80% whole. With the quality and freshness that you expect from us our Pistachio Meats are Roasted with Salt.

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