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George “Arcade” Ethier

Arcade Snacks has been a family owned and operated wholesaler for over 30 years, having started as a small nut roasting company in the family home of George Arcade Ethier and wife Ann. Together with sons Rick Haufe and TJ Ethier, George traveled near and far to buy the best cashews; bringing them back to Acton for roasting, salting, packing and selling as Cup a’ Nuts at Logan International Airport in Boston. Roasting only in the best peanut oil, we’ve coined the phrase “Packed with Quality”, a term that has been used to describe their company for over three decades.

From our garage in Acton, to larger facilities in Hudson, MA then Northborough, MA, Arcade Snacks continually grew; adding various nuts, dried fruits and candies from all over the world. When we began to experiment with snack mixes that is when the roof was blown off the building in Northborough, resulting in the purchase of our state of the art, 17,000 square foot facility in Auburn, MA. Here we have grown into one of New England’s premier distributors of over 300 different nuts, dried fruits, candies and snacks from all over the world. We have the capacity to service the finest hotels, restaurants, country clubs, confectioners and retailers from across the United States, while still able to personally deliver to our local and smaller establishments right around the corner.

Though 99% of our business is wholesale manufacturing and distributing, we have become well known for our retail store. Follow the smell of the roasting cashews and you will find a huge assortment of nuts, dried fruit, snacks and classic confections, like milk chocolate sponge candy, all packed up and ready to take home. During the Fall and holiday months, you will find Ann & friends in the chocolate room whipping up delicious chocolate turtles with our freshly roasted pecans. Don’t forget George’s Famous Marshmallow Pops; our holiday gift to you! Whether a retail or wholesale customer, stop in and say hello. And, as always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

The Arcade Snacks Family

Rick Haufe


For over 28 years Rick has been working hard to bring the freshest, highest quality products to the public. He has built key relationships throughout the industry, which has earned him the trust and respect of both his customers and his vendors. Rick constantly strives to better his company, always working hard to bring in the best quality product he can, knowing that our customers are the final inspection.

When he isn’t working, Rick enjoys hunting, snowmobiling, eating at his favorite restaurants, spending time with his family, and walking his beloved dog, Jack. His favorite snacks are the new Cheddar Ale Mix, Energy Mix, Pumpkin Spice Caramels, Raw Almonds, and definitely the Gourmet Jumbo Cashews!

    T.J. Ethier

    Vice President

    Barrett (T.J.) Ethier has been working with his family for 28 years, coming on full time after college. TJ’s drive and work ethic have helped to make Arcade Snacks one of the most reliable distributors in New England with an amazing turn around time on 99% of orders. TJ doesn’t stop until the job is done!

    That said, TJ has a “work hard – play hard” mentality and most enjoys his time with his wife and their two boys. TJ loves coaching Deck Hockey, vacationing, cooking out with neighbors, and competing in the Redneck Olympics, where holds the title of 2014 Tractor Race Champion.

    TJ’s favorite snacks are the Fava Beans, Tropical Vice Mix, Energy Mix and of course, all of the Freshly Roasted Nuts!

      Anita Ethier

      Human Resource/Office Manager

      Anita has been with Arcade Snacks for over 15 years, and has worked in almost every department. Her poise and professionalism matched with her sense of humor have helped her to keep the stresses of running a family business to a minimum. Often seen with her handsome children, Anita can be found in Human Resources or in the Chocolate Room creating the delectable treats found in our retail store.

      Some of Anita’s favorites are the freshly roasted Macadamia Nuts, Oriental Rice Crackers, Pumpkin Spice Caramels and of course, the Chocolate Turtles!

        Ann Ethier

        Co - Founder

        Ann Ethier has been Secretary & Treasurer at Arcade Snacks since its inception over 28 years ago in the garage of her family home in West Acton, MA. Financing the company herself as they got up and running, Ann has been the support system to her family without which they would never have gotten to where they are today. Ann is the epitome of the Family Matriarch, having a hand in the day to day operations of Arcade Snacks, offering her sons and late husband George business guidance but reminding them of the importance of family.

        During the months of September through February you will find Ann in our Chocolate Room, creating chocolate masterpieces that are becoming quite famous! Known for her handmade Chocolate Turtles and her late husbands’ Chocolate Marshmallow Pops, Ann works tirelessly to produce all kinds of chocolate confections for our retail store and for corporate special orders. When Ann is not working, she spends her time between her homes in Massachusetts and Maryland, relaxing with her children and 6 grandchildren.

          Sharon Stagg

          Accounting Manager

          Sharon has been doing the books for Arcade Snacks since she was just out of college back in 1995. Helping to implement many of the programs that Arcade uses today, she has kept up with the growth of the company since it’s teen years back in Northborough. Sharon’s favorite part of the job is trying all of the new products that come in.

          When she is not in the office, Sharon enjoys taking her daughter’s to their activities and plan her trip of driving across the USA!

          Sharon’s favorite snacks are the Pumpkin Spice Caramels, Cheddar Ale Mix and of course, the freshly roasted Gourmet Jumbo Cashews!

            Pamela O’Coin

            Sales Representative

            Pamela has been with Arcade Snacks for over 3 years, and what a great addition she is! Pamela was brought in to run our retail store, but quickly moved into a sales position, which was very lucky for us! Pamela makes her customers feel very well taken care of, both in person and on the phone, always there to go the extra mile.

            When she is not working during the week and most weekends, she truly loves being outdoors with her many friends and family, and her beloved Jack Russell Terrier named Jake. Pamela’s favorite snacks are the Cheddar Ale Mix (which she played a key part in its creation!) and the Yogurt Caramel Patties.

              Tracy Marcoux

              Sales Representative

              Tracy is a gem! She came to Arcade after years of working in a totally different industry, and she brought her enthusiasm with her. She really loves her loyal customers as well as the hundreds of new customers she has picked up in the 3 years she has been here. Tracy gets a lot of satisfaction from hearing that her customers are thrilled with the great service and products that she and Arcade Snacks provide them.

              When she is not on the phone in the office, Tracy’s “Joie de Vivre” continues with her family. Married to her high school sweetheart, she has 2 beautiful children, 2 Godchildren, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She would love to take all of them on a world tour to Disney World, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Tracy’s favorite snacks are the 12 Flavor Gummi Bears, the Energy Mix, the all natural strawberry licorice, and the Gourmet Jumbo Cashews.

                Piotr Janczewski

                Warehouse Manager

                Piotr has worked in the same building for almost 30 years, but has been with Arcade since we bought the building back in 2006. He works tirelessly every day to insure that our customers get their product as quickly as possible. Originally from Poland, everyone enjoys Piotr’s stories and dreams of the future.

                After a long days work he enjoys spending time with his family, watching TV and going for short day trips. One day he would like to kayak the Nile River!

                Piotr’s favorites snacks are the 19th Hole Snack and the Energy Mix.

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