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George “Arcade” Ethier

Arcade Snacks has been a family owned and operated wholesaler for over 30 years, having started as a small nut roasting company in the family home of George Arcade Ethier and wife Ann. Together with sons Rick Haufe and TJ Ethier, George traveled near and far to buy the best cashews; bringing them back to Acton for roasting, salting, packing and selling as Cup a’ Nuts at Logan International Airport in Boston. Roasting only in the best peanut oil, we’ve coined the phrase “Packed with Quality”, a term that has been used to describe their company for over three decades.

From our garage in Acton, to larger facilities in Hudson, MA then Northborough, MA, Arcade Snacks continually grew; adding various nuts, dried fruits and candies from all over the world. When we began to experiment with snack mixes that is when the roof was blown off the building in Northborough, resulting in the purchase of our state of the art, 17,000 square foot facility in Auburn, MA. Here we have grown into one of New England’s premier distributors of over 300 different nuts, dried fruits, candies and snacks from all over the world. We have the capacity to service the finest hotels, restaurants, country clubs, confectioners and retailers from across the United States, while still able to personally deliver to our local and smaller establishments right around the corner.

Though 99% of our business is wholesale manufacturing and distributing, we have become well known for our retail store. Follow the smell of the roasting cashews and you will find a huge assortment of nuts, dried fruit, snacks and confections, all packed up and ready to take home. During the fall and holiday months, you will find Ann & friends in the chocolate room whipping up delicious chocolate turtles with our freshly roasted pecans. Don’t forget George’s Famous Marshmallow Pops; our holiday gift to you!  Whether a retail or wholesale customer, stop in and hello.  And as always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!                                                   The Arcade Snacks Family

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