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  • I wanted to tell you how thankful I was when I stopped by your shop yesterday.  The man who was working let me in as I tried to rush to grab a few items in order to let the staff go home.  I was told don’t worry take your time.  Sometimes it’s the little things…

  • “Arcade Snacks treats you like family, from the brothers to the employees they make you feel welcomed.  Some of my favorite items are the white chocolate macadamia nuts with cranberry bark and the freshly roasted cashews which, are warm right on the counter!  My favorite place to shop for all of my holiday gifts!”  

  • Freshest products around. I absolutely love the macadamia nuts, have never had any better (even in Hawaii)! New love of gummy bears, very flavorful and squishy (yum). Also love having the bar mixes in my pantry to have on hand for those drop by visitors (although they never last that long)!

  • Biggest cashews anywhere! Love that I can get the roasted no added salt cashews for my parents who are on a low sodium diet and then have the freshly roasted salted ones for myself.

  • I always have Arcade Snacks on hand and put them out for social gatherings. My guests love them and often ask where they can get their own. All of Arcade’s fruit, nuts, and mixes are delicious and they are sure to impress any crowd.

  • “A couple of my favorite items are the unsalted gourmet mix, and chocolate covered peanuts. The nuts here are of exceptional quality and you can’t compare them to store bought canisters. We also love the amount of chocolate covering each peanut. They are a real treat!”