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Aug 29, 2014

A few years ago a friend had a conversation with Rick and TJ, saying they had no idea how successful the company had become, all because they were judging based on the appearance of the website. They were surprised that we serviced so many great retailers, hotels and country clubs, thinking we were just a couple of kids in a garage whipping up snacks!  Though the old site had its charm, and proved very successful for our retail customers, we saw the definite need for a website that is both easy for our retail customers to make purchases, but also allows our wholesale customers an opportunity to really see the products we have to offer them. After a few years of thinking about it, they decided to take the plunge (a.k.a. time and money) and we revamped the website. It now has a more modern, updated feel, is easier to navigate, has beautiful pictures, and offers a glimpse of what Arcade Snacks is all about. It took months and months of planning the layout, organizing data, photo sessions, good old elbow grease, and working with dynamite web designers at Votary Media, we are ready to go live! While there may be a few things that need tweaking, rest assured our website will be a living, breathing member of our Arcade Snacks team, changing and growing with our company.

Please check our site often for specials and new products, and feel free to leave testimonials on the products that you love, like us on Facebook, and come in to our store and tell us what you think!

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