Auburn, MA Family-Owned Nut and Candy Store is Roasting Perfection Daily

Jul 21, 2021

Arcade Snacks started right in George and Ann Ethier’s Acton, MA garage, with the help of sons Rick Haufe and TJ Ethier, in June of 1986. George’s middle name was Arcade, and with a little help from a consultant, we came up with the company name “Arcade Snacks.”

After roasting nuts in the garage, George would pack them up and head into Boston’s Logan International airport terminal A, which was the Eastern terminal at the time. After tasting the fine roasted nuts and snack mixes, the consultants created the catchphrase “Packed With Quality,” which the company has kept ever since.

When entering our retail store, the smell of freshly roasted nuts is something to talk about. Our retail shop is full of gourmet nutssnack mixeschocolates, and candy. A little bit for everyone.

The Arcade Snacks Roasting Process Today 

Never satisfied, Rick Haufe has always tried to better the company. A fresh product is always the goal here at Arcade Snacks.

Arcade Snacks continues delivering a fresh, quality product every day. The most popular roasted nuts are cashews. Arcade Snacks is the local King of Cashews. Our cashews are imported from top-notch growers and processors from a handful of top manufacturers and processors.

We roast in refined top-quality peanut oil only. Roasting is done several times a week in our Auburn facility, under the skilled supervision of a few individuals who are masters at what they do.

Aside from cashews and other roasted nuts, the Auburn, MA store is stocked with premium snack mixes and trail mixes. Chocolate items are also very popular at Arcade Snacks.

Nut Roasting

A Roasting Mastery Perfected Over Three Decades 

Our roasting technique has not changed from when we started many years ago at Logan airport. The roaster is actually the same roaster we purchased 30 years ago. The only difference is now we roast 1,000lbs daily. Back then we roasted much smaller amounts. We are now an SQF certified and Kosher company, a huge accomplishment for Arcade Snacks.

Pouring Nuts into Roaster

Nuts and Snacks Mixes “Packed with Quality”

Arcade is different from others because we take pride in giving our customers the best service, along with the best product. We also have many items that our competition does not carry. We separate ourselves from competitors. Our customers recognize this and that makes them loyal to Arcade Snacks.

Still located in Auburn, MA, Arcade Snacks and the Ethier family continue to grow every day. We continue to develop new items for our local customers, always strive to deliver top-notch customer service, and serve only the highest quality of the items to our customers.

Local Retail Gem Located in Auburn, Massachusetts

When customers visit our small retail shop, we try to accommodate their needs and make them thrilled to have found our little gem of a store in Auburn, MA. We moved to Auburn in 2004 and have been here ever since. We continue to work and love what we do every day.

We are the only nut-candy store that offers the community what we have. We are certainly different and unique and that’s what we have going for us. Our quality remains the same after all these years.

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