Chocolate Fruit & Nut Party Tray

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Party Tray by Arcade Snacks contains Jumbo Dried Apricots, Dark Chocolate Non Pareils, Smokehouse Almonds and Freshly Roasted and Salted Colossal Cashews. This tray will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Jumbo Dried Turkish Apricots (9.5oz.) Orange dried fruit full of tropical flavor.

Dark Chocolate Non Pareils (8oz.) Round disks of dark chocolate covered with white nonpareil balls.

Smokehouse Almonds (8oz.) Almonds that are roasted “smokehouse”  style to give them a flavorful punch.

Roasted & Salted Colossal Cashews (7oz.) Our signature product, these roasted and salted Colossal Cashews are so big and delicious you will keep coming back for more. We roast these cashews onsite for the freshest flavor possible.

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