Crunchy Nacho Snack Mix

Try our new Crunchy Nacho Snack Mix from Arcade Snacks, a winning sweet, spicy and salty combination full of nacho cheese flavor. Similar to our classic Rachael’s Mix, the Crunchy Nacho Snack Mix has become a hit with all our customers. A classic mix with a twist of Nacho Cheese Flavor. Nacho Corn Sticks provide the ultimate snacking experience for all nacho lovers. Combined with your favorite pretzels, crackers and nuts to create a one-of-a-kind snack mix.

Enjoy a blend of Nacho Cheese Corn Sticks, Mini Pretzels, Butter Toffee PeanutsCheddar CrackersSesame Sticks, and Honey Roast Sesame Chips.

Keep the party interesting with these fun and crispy snacks; Stock your pantry to share with friends and family. Perfect for your bulk display. Customers will appreciate that this salty, spicy, crunchy mix is made in the USA. All of Arcade Snacks’ Snack Mixes are made fresh weekly in our production facility in Auburn, MA. With a passion for creating unique snacking experiences, like our Fiesta Mix, our team is always developing new mixes.

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