Snackers Deluxe Gift Tin

Our employees voted and our top four house-made snack mixes won a spot into this savory snack lovers’ assortment! Arcade Snacks’ Snackers Deluxe Tin has four distinct mixes with flavor profiles ranging from salty to cheesy to spicy with a hint of sweetness along the way.

Cheddar Ale (9.5 oz.) – An addictive blend of Honey Roast Peanuts, chili cheese corn jacks, cheddar sesame sticks, and pretzel nuggets.
Pub Mix (8 oz.) – A perfect snack without the spice which contains mini pretzels, sesame sticks, honey roast peanuts, blanched peanuts, toasted corn nuts, garlic rye chips, and garlic breadsticks.
The 19th Hole Snack Mix (12 oz.) – An original recipe with the blend of honey roast sesame chips, honey roast peanuts, Cajun corn sticks, oriental rice crackers, almonds, and wasabi peas. This is the ultimate sweet and spicy combo.
Bayou Blend (11 oz.) – The perfect crunchy combination of sweet and spicy! Cajun Corn Sticks, Honey Roast Sesame Chips, Cajun Devil Peanuts, Butter Toffee Peanuts, and Butter Toffee Cashews.

Design of tin will vary.

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